What is Pathways? 

The Texas SBIR/STTR Assistance Pathways Program (Pathways) is a self-paced, streamlined, and cumulative process for TCC clients pursuing an SBIR/STTR to access no cost or discounted proposal development assistance from SBIR/STTR expert advisors and consultants. The Program is designed to guide clients through proposal development stages and position them to write a high-quality proposal. 

Are you eligible?  

To access the Pathways program, entrepreneurs, innovators, and/or researchers must be: 

  1. Less than 500 employees, 
  1. Advanced science and technology-focused innovation 
  1. High-risk and scalable innovation 
  1. Innovative as defined by SBIR Federal Agencies*  
  1. Pursuing an SBIR/STTR within the next year (12 months) 
  1. Owners of the innovation
  1. Willing to put in the time and effort required to submit a high-quality proposal 

*Definition of Innovative: “First, is this a genuine innovation–an approach that is highly disruptive and technically risky, NOT evolutionary technologies, but those that are revolutionary in nature; Second, is there a strong case that the product or service can meet an unmet market need?” 

The Pathways Process 

The Pathways process requires an initial application, followed by six (6) stages of guides, prompts, forms, and uploads for clients to work with TCC staff to complete. Each block requires approval from a TCC Project Manager to advance. Once you complete each stage at 100% TCC Project managers will review your responses.  


Do NOT register on this platform for TCC's SBIR Assistance Program.

Please contact your Texas Technology Commercialization Center (TCC) Advisor for more information.


Email TCC Project Coordinator at tcc-admin@utsa.edu

Summer 2021 Proposal Development Consultant Assistance 

Proposal Development Consultant Assistance is a competitive program that provides clients who have completed Stages 0 – 4 with one-on-one SBIR/STTR expert consulting assistance meetings with SBIR/STTR expert advisors and consultants

To be eligible for the summer 2021 Proposal Development Consultant Assistance, clients must complete all one-on-one meetings with National SBIR Consultants and submit an SBIR/STTR Proposal within 8 months of their last program assistance meeting.  

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